Learn the Basketball Scoring Secrets of the Pros from Taylor Allan

Taylor Allan Releases Basketball Scoring Secrets of the Pros

Scoring/ Secrets of the ProsTaylor Allan is a legend in underground hoops. He is a lights-out shooter averaging nearly 24 points per game. His on-court success pales in comparison to his off-court success. As the CEO of Basketball Renegades, Taylor Allan produced a best-selling shooting system called, Prolific Shooting System. The detailed, step-by-step training system has helped many athletes gain confidence in their jump shot and boost their scoring averages.

Now Taylor Allan is launching a revolutionary new program designed to break through the scoring ceiling you think you may have on the court. Forget about 10 points per game. You need to change your mindset — and training regimen — to play and score like a big time baller!

On November 30, 2010, Allan launched Scoring Secrets, a comprehensive system that may change the way you score — forever.

Watch Taylor Allan Explain His Scoring Secrets Program

Scoring Secrets: What Is The Deal?

Taylor Allan is not shy when he talks about his latest program. He believes that these shooting secrets will boost you scoring. Look at some of the benefits he thinks you will get from his Scoring Secrets program:

  • You can finally get the respect of your opponents as you takeover games…
  • You can learn to “score on demand”, scoring points quickly when your team needs it because…
  • You have helped transform your game to be the “go to guy” when the game is on the line because…
  • You can finally score “at will” over most defenders, even from ANY angle or ANY spot on the court!

Those are some pretty strong statements. There had better be a good program to back up these statements.

Watch Taylor Allan Explain His Scoring Secrets Program

Scoring Secrets: The Program

Scoring Secrets is a comprehensive, seven module training program that will condition and body to start scoring more. Let’s take a closer look at what Taylor has put inside his Scoring Secrets program.

  • Module 1: Scoring Secrets of the Pros – You will learn that big time scorers do more than shoot well. They know how to create opportunities by choosing the right spots on the floor, how to use angles to cut off the defense, and even how to score against different types of opponents. You will get the secret scoring methods detailed in this module.
  • Module 2: Defender Control – You will learn to know what your defender is going to do and how to react so that you will almost control their movement. Great scorers know how to read and react to defenders, and then blow by them or shoot over the top.
  • Module 3: Powerful Perimeter Moves – You’ll learn the secrets of using angles, and how they help you free up your shot. You discover a set of moves and tricks to really “work” your defender on the perimeter. You’ll even get the exact moves you can put to use now to embarrass defenses.
  • Module 4: Master the Mid-range Game – Get all the details of how to create space to maximize your mid-range game. Scoring is more than shooting, it is about knowing how to lose defender, get your shot off, and develop a stroke that consistently tickles the net. Module 4 uncovers the keys to owning the mid-range game, a secret scoring component is critical to your scoring prowess.
  • Module 5: Explosive Finishing – Learn to finish strong, get your shot off after contact is made, and draw three point plays. Even if you are not blessed with a Charles Oakley body, you’ll discover secrets to playing bigger and beating guys who outsize you.
  • Module 6: Scoring Without the Ball – Ever watch Rip Hamilton or Reggie Miller lose defenders as they run through screens or cut to the basket. Module 6 teaches you the secrets of moving without the basketball — losing defenders and getting into proper scoring positions.
  • Module 7: The Next Level: Advanced Inner Game – Learn to stay ice cold when the pressure is on and develop a killer instinct. You’ll “demand the ball” from teammates when the game is on the line, if you learn the mental scoring secrets taught here.

Get More Details on Each Scoring Secrets Module

For a Limited Time, these Bonuses are also available

  • The Power Hour Gym Swipe File for quick reference ($27 Value)
  • The Power Hour Training Manual ($67 Value)
  • The Power Hour Workout Online DVD ($67 Value)

Special Launch Promotion for Scoring Secrets

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Taylor Allan's Scoring Secrets

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